August 5, 2008

Hilda Must Be Dancing

This actually was a library find from several months back, but worthy of a post! I love to read children's books that rhyme. There is such a fun rhythm to reading rhyming books out loud to the girls and this book is one of them :) Hilda is a hippo that loves to dance. From flamenco, to disco, with costumes and all, she can do it with the best of them, much to the chagrin her fellow animal friends. Her dancing shakes up the Earth beneath pretty darn good! "Hilda Must Be Dancing!", they moan and try and get her to try something else. She does, but ends up going back to getting her groove on until the water buffalo come up with something that she and the rest are all happy with! Pick this book up for a fun read where the words just flow brilliantly together! Heck, even try out a few moves courtesy of Hilda herself (providing it doesn't get the children too riled up before bed ;)

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rick said...

I love the illustrations in this book. Hilda is so funny!

Steph said...

Cute book. You really should be a book reviewer. Professionally I mean. You have amazing talent! :)