August 24, 2008

Duck at the Door

The main reason I love this book is because it makes me think of one of my most favorite people in the world, my sister, Sue. She loves animals and so it reminded me of her with all the brood Irene has of puppies, kitties, birds and even a rabbit! And also what the animals might say of Sue when they hear a knock on the door late one snowy night: " LET'S GO ASK IRENE! SHE ALWAYS KNOWS WHAT TO DO."

Max, a duck who thought he might just like winter as much as spring, decided to not take off with the rest of the flock going south. "But it turned out to be COLD and very lonely." he said. So, he is taken in, (much like what my sister might have done :) and learns how to use the remote control, cook, share a bed with the St. Bernard, Brody, (yes, Sue had one of those, too, except his name was Oly!) and pretty much drive all the fellow home-sharers crazy in the process :) Just when they want Irene to have a talk with Max, his flock comes back and off he goes. The animals miss Max and realize he brought a little fun and life to the house. In the fall there is another knock at the door and whom do they hope it is? Yep. Max, but he brought the whole flock with him! "Everyone looked at Irene, hoping she would say something. But all she could say was "Welcome Home!"

A fun book with soft, cartoon-like illustrations. A great find for the animal lovers all ages!

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August 20, 2008

Mrs. McBloom, Clean Up Your Classroom!

So, we (in other words, me) managed to huff out of the library on our last visit with 21 books! :) *phew* Out of that last run came a fun little gem about Mrs. McBloom who has been teaching at Knickerbocker Elementary in Up Younder for almost 50 years. Room 5 is a complete mess of all the years of everything and is need of a good cleaning. "Oh, higgly-piggly," Mrs. McBlooom would say. "It's on my to-do list... See, it's listed right here above Take a fancy-shmancy criuse." But, now she is getting ready to retire. How is she going to get this classroom ready for Miss Bumblesprout who is due to take over the following school year? Mrs. McBloom comes up with an idea: a homework assignment. "Come up with an idea to get Room #5 tidy Lickety Split", the blackboard read, "Be Creative! S T R E T C H your imagination. Use your noggin! Anything goes!!!" Travel through this amazingly-full illustrated creative book with your sweet little jammied ones tonight to find out who comes up with the winning idea, and what finds they find in Room 5 as it finally does get all "gussied-up" and "spiffed-up." (Had to laugh at a library book that was uncovered and overdue by 35 years! Yes, we've had a few a lot of over-dues, too! ;)

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August 16, 2008

Happy Birthday, Peek-a-Boo!

No, this isn't a children's book from our latest library run. Just a happy shout-out to my littlest love. My youngest daughter and fellow page turner turned two today! She woke up with a tantrum this morning; still not exactly sure what that was all about. (Isn't she supposed to wait until the years start piling up in age and THEN there will be something to cry about? :) But Daddy calmed her down by reading from some books we just borrowed from the library and tonight she peacefully was tucked in her bed at 9:34pm. How easily and effortlessly you came into this world, My Love. You are completely one of my greatest joys. You are such a beautiful little toddler and so much fun to be around. Happy Birthday, Carice, Here's to many more birthdays and books together :)

I Love You Forever,

August 12, 2008

Carry-Me Farm Animals

Meet and pet 5 farm animals as you explore this board book together! I never realized until reading the back of this book that books that have texture to them, ie: faux fur, faux fuzzy ears, etc. help develop hand and eye coordination. Good to know! This book also offers a convenient build-in handle for little ones who are on the go. Real photos of the animals, bright colors, sounds each animal make are also part of this simple and easy book. Shiny and glittery illustrations, too! A fun and short bedtime read.

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August 5, 2008

Hilda Must Be Dancing

This actually was a library find from several months back, but worthy of a post! I love to read children's books that rhyme. There is such a fun rhythm to reading rhyming books out loud to the girls and this book is one of them :) Hilda is a hippo that loves to dance. From flamenco, to disco, with costumes and all, she can do it with the best of them, much to the chagrin her fellow animal friends. Her dancing shakes up the Earth beneath pretty darn good! "Hilda Must Be Dancing!", they moan and try and get her to try something else. She does, but ends up going back to getting her groove on until the water buffalo come up with something that she and the rest are all happy with! Pick this book up for a fun read where the words just flow brilliantly together! Heck, even try out a few moves courtesy of Hilda herself (providing it doesn't get the children too riled up before bed ;)

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