August 20, 2008

Mrs. McBloom, Clean Up Your Classroom!

So, we (in other words, me) managed to huff out of the library on our last visit with 21 books! :) *phew* Out of that last run came a fun little gem about Mrs. McBloom who has been teaching at Knickerbocker Elementary in Up Younder for almost 50 years. Room 5 is a complete mess of all the years of everything and is need of a good cleaning. "Oh, higgly-piggly," Mrs. McBlooom would say. "It's on my to-do list... See, it's listed right here above Take a fancy-shmancy criuse." But, now she is getting ready to retire. How is she going to get this classroom ready for Miss Bumblesprout who is due to take over the following school year? Mrs. McBloom comes up with an idea: a homework assignment. "Come up with an idea to get Room #5 tidy Lickety Split", the blackboard read, "Be Creative! S T R E T C H your imagination. Use your noggin! Anything goes!!!" Travel through this amazingly-full illustrated creative book with your sweet little jammied ones tonight to find out who comes up with the winning idea, and what finds they find in Room 5 as it finally does get all "gussied-up" and "spiffed-up." (Had to laugh at a library book that was uncovered and overdue by 35 years! Yes, we've had a few a lot of over-dues, too! ;)

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rick said...

I am loving this one more each time I read it! It's a pretty fun little book.