April 16, 2009

A New Home

During Spring Break, the girls and I went to story time at the Layton Library. There were less songs, it seemed - probably due to being in a section of the library vs. being in a large room by ourselves in Draper, but they seemed to read more books conversely. Then the story-teller read a fun story about an Easter egg with transparencies of the character. The girls got to color a picture of the egg from the story. It was fun and I'm glad we went.

We then went to search for books and although they didn't have a lot of our favorite character books so readily visible as before, we did get some good books to take home. And they have large blue plastic 'baskets' for the girls to tote around to put their finds in. A huge selling point :) The girls loved those.

The girls even have their own library card now, complete with their own 'signature' on the back.

So, we have found a new library home for now. Rumor has it that Farmington is getting  a new Library! Which reminds me, I need to go a searchin' for someone to e-mail so I can beg for a great children's section to be constructed just as Draper has!

Goodnight for now. More new books to post soon !

March 11, 2009

The Berenstain Bears and the Bad Dream

Cali has a visit to the Library every Wednesday at school and lately she has been bringing home the Berenstain Bears books. Last week she brought home this book and I got to read it with her before it went back to school with her today for a new find this afternoon. (She picked The Berenstain Bears and the Double Dare today. From the title and the illustration on the cover, I think the TV show did an episode from this story, but we shall see!)

I love the Berenstain Bears books, though, because they teach Principles in such a great way. Or like this book about bad dreams, it helps explain what dreams are and how they can be a mix of things from your life at the time. How comforting to a child who is still trying to figure out the world around her! I think the authors, Stan and Jan Berenstain, can explain things so well. A big Thank You, to them for such wonderful concepts for their stories and books. A Parent's Helper!

View "The Berenstain Bears and the Bad Dream" at Amazon.com

February 3, 2009

New Finds!

We had our SEP Conference with Cali and her teacher yesterday. She had another glowing report, I might add☺ But I had helped in her class last week and noticed in the hallway they had some old library books for sale-10 cents! They were still there yesterday and it looked like more than the time before. So, Rick and I sorted through what was there a little, then he went to raid the ashtray in the car for coins. I stayed with little sis and continued to look. We ended up buying 9 'new' books! Maybe we will have a few or so we can add to our Books at Bedtime Collection ☺

January 28, 2009

A Sad, Sad Day

We went to IKEA last Saturday (surprise, surprise) and thought that we would stop at our favorite library nearby. I was notified awhile back that I left my library card there and stopped at the desk soon after we arrived only to find out it had been too long and they threw it out. Well, no problem, I could sign up to get a new one. She confirmed my address, and no, it wasn't right. I gave her my new one. Salt Lake County? She questioned. Uh, I had to think. No, Davis County.

That darn Davis County.

The sad bomb dropped shortly after that. Apparently there is an out of county fee to use this particular, wonderful, stupendous, Library that I was standing in - $40 for 6 months or $80 for a year. (i can't remember for sure). I went to tell Rick who was already in the awesome children's section with the girls.

The Librarian said we could check out books that day at no charge. I confessed we had checked out before, but she said it was okay because we didn't know. Ultimately, though, Rick didn't feel right checking out books so, after awhile, we left empty handed. I have to say I agree with him that we can't pay for something that is supposed to be free!

I did ask the Librarian if the fee could be reduced. (Thinking that sometimes when you are a part of a club or business you are entitled to a discount.) No go. It dawned on me later that we are charged this fee probably because our tax dollars are being paid in Davis County and not Salt Lake anymore. Poo.

I did tell the Librarian, (in low sounding voice tone & because I'm just that way) that "the libraries up there suck." She said she knew. Don't know how she would.

I still have to check out Ogden and Bountiful. Keep your fingers crossed for Books at Bedtime that we can find another great local childen's book haunt. ☺

I suppose all good things must come to an end. I do have a few more books that I found to add to our collection if I can ever get my posting fingers in gear.

But for now, I will have to look elsewhere to find great reads.

Goodnight ☽ my little sleepy readers.

November 6, 2008

Where Is The Cake?

My girls have loved this one! I usually do my own review, but to make sure that you understand how this original and downright 'totally cool' book works, I am going to quote the synopsis from the back of the book.

"Mr. and Mrs. Dog's cake is stolen! And that's just the beginning... As they chase the thieves through a variety of landscapes, one calamitous event after another ensues. Baby Bunny loses her toy. Mischievous monkeys steal Miss Cat's hat. Little Piglet goes astray. And wait!! Will he fall off that cliff? Told entirely through pictures, Where Is the Cake" is an adventurous look-and-find book. Each time you "read" it, you will delight in discovering something new."

Did you catch the genius? There are no words, just illustrations that tell the story of the cake and other little 'stories' as well.

Have fun with your little ones tonight as you look through this book together and don't forget to say (and find) "Where is the cake?"

View "Where Is The Cake?" at Amazon.com

October 28, 2008

Happy School Year

Cali brought home the greatest book today from her school library ☺ We read it together tonight at bedtime. In fact, Cali said she read it to her teacher, Mrs. Yardley, today, so I am wondering if there wasn't a little 'quizzing' going on to see how well Cali reads.

This book is about all kinds of children waking up and starting their day, but "not just any day"... the first day of school! As they all make it to school through various ways, the children join teachers and staff and fellow students in a big room. "A new school year is a great adventure,"... says the principal... "and like all great adventures, it can sometimes be a little scary. But we are all here to help one another. And I think you'll find friends along the way." With a cupcake and a lit candle, wishes are made for the school year as the principal counts, "One... Two... Three! Happy School Year!"

In the back of the book, where the author and illustrator bios are, it states under the author, Susan Milord: "This story was inspired by a First Day in Norwich, Vermont where she now lives." I don't remember starting out any 'first days' like this when I was a kid, do you? Wouldn't that have been nice?!

A great story of diversities in children and a help for that eventful day in both a child's and parent's life☺ A great read with beautiful soft primary-colored illustrations.

View "Happy School Year" at Amazon.com

October 6, 2008

Darkness Slipped In

If you have a little one afraid of the dark, this book may be your answer to cure the ‘scaries’! ☺ At first the story seems a little worrisome. Resembling a black kokopelli, Darknesss creeps into Daisy’s room seemingly unawares while Daisy dances and plays. “But Daisy had seen Darkness, and she wasn’t scared at all.”, the story continues. Darkness is no match for this strong, brave little girl! “With one swift move she crossed the room and grabbed him by the wrist.” And what do you think happens next? They start dancing together! And later, they even share lemonade and cake. Friends they become and share time together night after night. It even appears Darkness watches over her in her sleep at the end of the story; a very comforting image.

How cute is this story!? I love the minimal colors in the illustrations: black, white and pink, with one little blonde girl (okay, so, I’m a little partial to blonde cuties!) But boys can enjoy the bravery and strength, too, of this story despite the ‘girliness’ ☺ of the book. I’d say a must have for your library at home and definitely a perfect story for bedtime.

View "Darkness Slipped In" at Amazon.com

September 30, 2008

Buzz-Buzz, Busy Bees, An Animal Sounds Book

Daddy and I gave this book to Carice, our 2 year old, for her birthday last month. It's such a cute little book with fun popped-out yellow and black striped fabric bees. I really like the depth and the soft high-lighting of the colorful illustrations.

Rooster, Horse, Cow, and Sheep, want the bees to come and spend time with them, but they are too busy to do so! ""Oink-Oink" says Pig. "Bees are buzzing all about." "What are they busy doing? Let's go find out!""

Just what are those busy little bees up to? Hint: something wholesome and delicious for you and me!

Pick this up for a beautiful, fun book while learning the sounds of each farm friend!

View "Buzz-Buzz, Busy Bees, An Animal Sounds Book" at Amazon.com

Three Days on a River in a Red Canoe

I wanted to include this book in our collection because it was Cali's first library find at her elementary school! Yes, my first baby is now a bona fide Kindergartener. (How did that happen already?) ☺ And since today is Tuesday, her Library check-out and return day, I thought I better get this done quickly!

This book actually wasn’t very easy to read outloud. But upon further review, I’ve decided it reads like a child’s book report , with stops in between in the text to point to a picture and tell what is going on in the picture.

We only read it once and then I raced through it today so I could add it in here. Essentially, it is about a girl and her experience with her (cousin?), mother and aunt on a three day canoe/camping trip and what they encounter. It even has instructions on how to tie a certain knot and a couple recipes for meals they ate. But the character did manage to bring back a fish she promised her cat, Sixtoes!

So, as you can see, I probably need to read the story again, but alas, it went into the pink ballerina backpack and off to school today. We will see what Cali brings home today ☺

Thank you, Cal, for bringing home an interesting book we could share together at bedtime. ☺ I love you!

View "Three Days on a River in a Red Canoe" at Amazon.com

September 25, 2008

Sad, Sad, State of Affairs

A new town. A new county. A new library! Unfortunately… it hasn’t been the great experience I hoped it to be in finding a new library for me and the girls to attend. As I sit and write this on my ‘third’ library visit, I’ve found this library to be better than library #2, which was much better than #1, but now I’m thinking, yeah… I guess I will be going back to my old home town to visit the library. You have to understand. The children’s section at the former library? Incredible. Big clear picture windows with benches underneath. A happy selection of board books for my 2 year old. ‘Favorite friends’ to check out: Arthur, Thomas, George, Strawberry Shortcake, as well as new stories of course. Tons of stuffed dolls/animals of your favorite book characters on top of the easy to reach bookshelves. Small tables and chairs for little ones to sit and puruse the new finds. And a separate room all to ourselves for story times and special events, (puppet shows, magic shows, etc)

As you can see, my expectations were high after coming from a library such as this. My sister in law, Steph, mentioned a couple of times how she wished she had a great library as I had. Now I know she was right.

So, I was thinking. Cali gets out of kindergarten early on Fridays. Who’s to say Carice and I can’t pick her up, grab some lunch together, then take a 45 minute drive to our old reading grounds? I know. It sounds crazy. It’s just a library you’re saying. But it’s a fantastic library. The feeling and the atmosphere and the selections there are simply awesome. We can even swing by the big city on the way home and pick up Daddy ☺

Besides, we can check-out up to 30 books at one time and have three whole weeks to dive into them! A once a month ‘travelling girls book club’ outing? Sounds like a plan to me. Who’s game?