September 30, 2008

Buzz-Buzz, Busy Bees, An Animal Sounds Book

Daddy and I gave this book to Carice, our 2 year old, for her birthday last month. It's such a cute little book with fun popped-out yellow and black striped fabric bees. I really like the depth and the soft high-lighting of the colorful illustrations.

Rooster, Horse, Cow, and Sheep, want the bees to come and spend time with them, but they are too busy to do so! ""Oink-Oink" says Pig. "Bees are buzzing all about." "What are they busy doing? Let's go find out!""

Just what are those busy little bees up to? Hint: something wholesome and delicious for you and me!

Pick this up for a beautiful, fun book while learning the sounds of each farm friend!

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Three Days on a River in a Red Canoe

I wanted to include this book in our collection because it was Cali's first library find at her elementary school! Yes, my first baby is now a bona fide Kindergartener. (How did that happen already?) ☺ And since today is Tuesday, her Library check-out and return day, I thought I better get this done quickly!

This book actually wasn’t very easy to read outloud. But upon further review, I’ve decided it reads like a child’s book report , with stops in between in the text to point to a picture and tell what is going on in the picture.

We only read it once and then I raced through it today so I could add it in here. Essentially, it is about a girl and her experience with her (cousin?), mother and aunt on a three day canoe/camping trip and what they encounter. It even has instructions on how to tie a certain knot and a couple recipes for meals they ate. But the character did manage to bring back a fish she promised her cat, Sixtoes!

So, as you can see, I probably need to read the story again, but alas, it went into the pink ballerina backpack and off to school today. We will see what Cali brings home today ☺

Thank you, Cal, for bringing home an interesting book we could share together at bedtime. ☺ I love you!

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September 25, 2008

Sad, Sad, State of Affairs

A new town. A new county. A new library! Unfortunately… it hasn’t been the great experience I hoped it to be in finding a new library for me and the girls to attend. As I sit and write this on my ‘third’ library visit, I’ve found this library to be better than library #2, which was much better than #1, but now I’m thinking, yeah… I guess I will be going back to my old home town to visit the library. You have to understand. The children’s section at the former library? Incredible. Big clear picture windows with benches underneath. A happy selection of board books for my 2 year old. ‘Favorite friends’ to check out: Arthur, Thomas, George, Strawberry Shortcake, as well as new stories of course. Tons of stuffed dolls/animals of your favorite book characters on top of the easy to reach bookshelves. Small tables and chairs for little ones to sit and puruse the new finds. And a separate room all to ourselves for story times and special events, (puppet shows, magic shows, etc)

As you can see, my expectations were high after coming from a library such as this. My sister in law, Steph, mentioned a couple of times how she wished she had a great library as I had. Now I know she was right.

So, I was thinking. Cali gets out of kindergarten early on Fridays. Who’s to say Carice and I can’t pick her up, grab some lunch together, then take a 45 minute drive to our old reading grounds? I know. It sounds crazy. It’s just a library you’re saying. But it’s a fantastic library. The feeling and the atmosphere and the selections there are simply awesome. We can even swing by the big city on the way home and pick up Daddy ☺

Besides, we can check-out up to 30 books at one time and have three whole weeks to dive into them! A once a month ‘travelling girls book club’ outing? Sounds like a plan to me. Who’s game?

September 11, 2008

Curious George in the Big City

I read this book to Cali, my 5 year old, a while back. At first I didn't notice the illustration, but upon reading it a second time, I did. Curious George is in New York and there in the book are the Twin Towers. I stopped in my reading tracks. I can't remember if I said anything to Cali. If I did, there was no discussion about 9/11 that I remember. I read an article today from my Sesame Street Newsletter of two children's interaction of the events of that day. Should I have said something to Cali about how those buildings were no longer there and why? Maybe I did mention that they were no longer there, but nothing was elaborated.

This particular book is illustrated in the style of H.A. Rey, not written or illustrated by him. The copyright is 2001, but obviously completed and printed before that dreadful day in September when we would close our eyes and still see the images of the plane(s). I know my girls will learn of September 11 in school someday and how odd it is for me to think that I have lived a page in a history book of such grave despair. I and my family were not directly touched by the events that day, but in a way, we were.

We send love and comfort for those whose lives were changed that day and perhaps a little lightness through this book to remember a time when life was a little less scary. When a curious little monkey could get on top of New York City looking for the Man with the Yellow Hat and we would see in the illustration of the city scape nothing out of the ordinary.

September 8, 2008

A New Library

I meant to post more books after our last library run of 21 books, but I ran out of time due to a gigantic move of 4 people to a new home 45 minutes away. I don't know how people move across the country; this move was a beast! Anyway... we are in a new city and I know of a new library that is actually in a different city one freeway exit away that I want to check out and obviously bring the girls to. I hope they have a great children's section like our former library. Wish us luck for more new finds! And hopefully no more book fines. (now where is that Arthur book that we still have to turn in from before?!)