October 28, 2008

Happy School Year

Cali brought home the greatest book today from her school library ☺ We read it together tonight at bedtime. In fact, Cali said she read it to her teacher, Mrs. Yardley, today, so I am wondering if there wasn't a little 'quizzing' going on to see how well Cali reads.

This book is about all kinds of children waking up and starting their day, but "not just any day"... the first day of school! As they all make it to school through various ways, the children join teachers and staff and fellow students in a big room. "A new school year is a great adventure,"... says the principal... "and like all great adventures, it can sometimes be a little scary. But we are all here to help one another. And I think you'll find friends along the way." With a cupcake and a lit candle, wishes are made for the school year as the principal counts, "One... Two... Three! Happy School Year!"

In the back of the book, where the author and illustrator bios are, it states under the author, Susan Milord: "This story was inspired by a First Day in Norwich, Vermont where she now lives." I don't remember starting out any 'first days' like this when I was a kid, do you? Wouldn't that have been nice?!

A great story of diversities in children and a help for that eventful day in both a child's and parent's life☺ A great read with beautiful soft primary-colored illustrations.

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October 6, 2008

Darkness Slipped In

If you have a little one afraid of the dark, this book may be your answer to cure the ‘scaries’! ☺ At first the story seems a little worrisome. Resembling a black kokopelli, Darknesss creeps into Daisy’s room seemingly unawares while Daisy dances and plays. “But Daisy had seen Darkness, and she wasn’t scared at all.”, the story continues. Darkness is no match for this strong, brave little girl! “With one swift move she crossed the room and grabbed him by the wrist.” And what do you think happens next? They start dancing together! And later, they even share lemonade and cake. Friends they become and share time together night after night. It even appears Darkness watches over her in her sleep at the end of the story; a very comforting image.

How cute is this story!? I love the minimal colors in the illustrations: black, white and pink, with one little blonde girl (okay, so, I’m a little partial to blonde cuties!) But boys can enjoy the bravery and strength, too, of this story despite the ‘girliness’ ☺ of the book. I’d say a must have for your library at home and definitely a perfect story for bedtime.

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