November 6, 2008

Where Is The Cake?

My girls have loved this one! I usually do my own review, but to make sure that you understand how this original and downright 'totally cool' book works, I am going to quote the synopsis from the back of the book.

"Mr. and Mrs. Dog's cake is stolen! And that's just the beginning... As they chase the thieves through a variety of landscapes, one calamitous event after another ensues. Baby Bunny loses her toy. Mischievous monkeys steal Miss Cat's hat. Little Piglet goes astray. And wait!! Will he fall off that cliff? Told entirely through pictures, Where Is the Cake" is an adventurous look-and-find book. Each time you "read" it, you will delight in discovering something new."

Did you catch the genius? There are no words, just illustrations that tell the story of the cake and other little 'stories' as well.

Have fun with your little ones tonight as you look through this book together and don't forget to say (and find) "Where is the cake?"

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