August 16, 2008

Happy Birthday, Peek-a-Boo!

No, this isn't a children's book from our latest library run. Just a happy shout-out to my littlest love. My youngest daughter and fellow page turner turned two today! She woke up with a tantrum this morning; still not exactly sure what that was all about. (Isn't she supposed to wait until the years start piling up in age and THEN there will be something to cry about? :) But Daddy calmed her down by reading from some books we just borrowed from the library and tonight she peacefully was tucked in her bed at 9:34pm. How easily and effortlessly you came into this world, My Love. You are completely one of my greatest joys. You are such a beautiful little toddler and so much fun to be around. Happy Birthday, Carice, Here's to many more birthdays and books together :)

I Love You Forever,


Steph said...

Happy Birthday C-C! Sorry I didn't get to talk to you on your Birthday, but I will talk to you soon! Love you!

rick said...

Happy Birthday, Reesie!!! You are such a little sweetie...I am so glad you like to read books with me! I love you!