July 28, 2008

Curious George Takes a Job

Again, my 5 year old loves anything with an ambulance and so consequently this is one of her favorite books! Poor George needs to take a ride in one when he breaks his leg from a hard landed jump. He is hired to wash windows on a skyscraper, but of course gets too curious about what's going on in one the rooms where painters are doing their job. He decides to do a little paining of his own while the workers are on their lunch break then has to escape when they come back to find he has a jungle theme painted! Pull up the covers and enjoy this 1947 original story from H. A. Rey that is still a good bedtime read. I like to check out books at the library that the girls never have seen or read before so they are exposed to something new, however, I'm not opposed to getting a few 'familiar friends' like Caillou, Barney, Thomas the Train or of course our favorite curious monkey!

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