October 6, 2008

Darkness Slipped In

If you have a little one afraid of the dark, this book may be your answer to cure the ‘scaries’! ☺ At first the story seems a little worrisome. Resembling a black kokopelli, Darknesss creeps into Daisy’s room seemingly unawares while Daisy dances and plays. “But Daisy had seen Darkness, and she wasn’t scared at all.”, the story continues. Darkness is no match for this strong, brave little girl! “With one swift move she crossed the room and grabbed him by the wrist.” And what do you think happens next? They start dancing together! And later, they even share lemonade and cake. Friends they become and share time together night after night. It even appears Darkness watches over her in her sleep at the end of the story; a very comforting image.

How cute is this story!? I love the minimal colors in the illustrations: black, white and pink, with one little blonde girl (okay, so, I’m a little partial to blonde cuties!) But boys can enjoy the bravery and strength, too, of this story despite the ‘girliness’ ☺ of the book. I’d say a must have for your library at home and definitely a perfect story for bedtime.

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Steph said...

Adorable! Is it bad that I am still scared of the dark at the ripe old age of 28? Maybe I need to get this book!

gloria said...

Hi Michelle,
Had to check out your blog after you left me a thumbs up on my "Word Shot" entry. Isn't that a fun exercise? And a good blog,too.

But yours, I must say, is such a great idea. I've raised 3 girls to be readers, long ago, but still can't give up children's books. So much so that I brought home 2 huge bags of them today at our library's annual sale. Maybe I'll share some of the titles with you once I've sorted through them again. So many treasures.

I'm bookmarking your blog right now. There, done.

Thanks again for the LOL.


gloria said...

Me again. Here's a partial list of the goodies I found at the library used book sale this week. For little ones:
Little Bear's Thanksgiving by Janice.
Bear's Busy Morning by Harriet Ziefert and Arnold Loebel.
Kazam's Magic by Amy Ehrlich.
Beep Beep, It's Beeper by Carole Schaefer.
Monsters by Russell Hoban.
Brave Norman by Andrew Clements.
For early readers:
The Bookstore Burglar by Barbara Maitland.
In a Dark, Dark Room retold by Alvin Schwartz.
For middle readers:
Bernie Magruder & The Parachute Peril by Phyllis Naylor.
The Beast in Ms. Rooney's Room by Patricia Giff.
And a couple books published by Nick Jr. which I hesitated to take because I don't usually like to promote TV, but if they will read them, I guess it's ok this once. I'm such a sucker of a Grandma.

And thanks for stopping by my blog, too, I hope you will find something there to make you smile.

PS. I won't even begin to list all the books I found for myself, but I will mention just one. A lovely old copy of O. Henry stories. The price worked out to be about a dime. A very good day at the library sale.