September 30, 2008

Three Days on a River in a Red Canoe

I wanted to include this book in our collection because it was Cali's first library find at her elementary school! Yes, my first baby is now a bona fide Kindergartener. (How did that happen already?) ☺ And since today is Tuesday, her Library check-out and return day, I thought I better get this done quickly!

This book actually wasn’t very easy to read outloud. But upon further review, I’ve decided it reads like a child’s book report , with stops in between in the text to point to a picture and tell what is going on in the picture.

We only read it once and then I raced through it today so I could add it in here. Essentially, it is about a girl and her experience with her (cousin?), mother and aunt on a three day canoe/camping trip and what they encounter. It even has instructions on how to tie a certain knot and a couple recipes for meals they ate. But the character did manage to bring back a fish she promised her cat, Sixtoes!

So, as you can see, I probably need to read the story again, but alas, it went into the pink ballerina backpack and off to school today. We will see what Cali brings home today ☺

Thank you, Cal, for bringing home an interesting book we could share together at bedtime. ☺ I love you!

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Steph said...

I can't believe Cali is a Kindergartner. Wow how time flies. I am sure I'm going to blink and Abbi will be there before I know it. Makes me a little sad. But they have to grow up eventually, right? I remember the day you brought her home from the hospital, and it feels just like yesterday!