September 25, 2008

Sad, Sad, State of Affairs

A new town. A new county. A new library! Unfortunately… it hasn’t been the great experience I hoped it to be in finding a new library for me and the girls to attend. As I sit and write this on my ‘third’ library visit, I’ve found this library to be better than library #2, which was much better than #1, but now I’m thinking, yeah… I guess I will be going back to my old home town to visit the library. You have to understand. The children’s section at the former library? Incredible. Big clear picture windows with benches underneath. A happy selection of board books for my 2 year old. ‘Favorite friends’ to check out: Arthur, Thomas, George, Strawberry Shortcake, as well as new stories of course. Tons of stuffed dolls/animals of your favorite book characters on top of the easy to reach bookshelves. Small tables and chairs for little ones to sit and puruse the new finds. And a separate room all to ourselves for story times and special events, (puppet shows, magic shows, etc)

As you can see, my expectations were high after coming from a library such as this. My sister in law, Steph, mentioned a couple of times how she wished she had a great library as I had. Now I know she was right.

So, I was thinking. Cali gets out of kindergarten early on Fridays. Who’s to say Carice and I can’t pick her up, grab some lunch together, then take a 45 minute drive to our old reading grounds? I know. It sounds crazy. It’s just a library you’re saying. But it’s a fantastic library. The feeling and the atmosphere and the selections there are simply awesome. We can even swing by the big city on the way home and pick up Daddy ☺

Besides, we can check-out up to 30 books at one time and have three whole weeks to dive into them! A once a month ‘travelling girls book club’ outing? Sounds like a plan to me. Who’s game?


rick said...
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Steph said...

Hey, count me in! The kids and I would love to meet you there! See, now you know what I was talking about..All libraries should be modeled after your old stomping ground! Mine is so sad. But at least you don't live in Oregon anymore, where I heard that they were closing the library all together. :)